• 2004,
  • Warner Bros.,
  • David Mamet

  • Starring:
  • Derek Luke,
  • Val Kilmer,
  • William H. Macy,
  • Ed O'Neill,
  • Kristen Bell


Maverick Ranger Scott, known for ruthless, unorthodox methods but good results, is called in to help the secret service after Washington big whig's brat daughter is abducted while studying at Harvard. He traces her to a bordello, only to realize the captors didn't realize who she is but simply recruited her for the Middle Eastern white slavery market. Instead of the support expected in such a high-profile case, Scott gets orders to work in secret before the press catches on, and even finds his quest sabotaged.


Chicago Sun Times

...opens without any credits except its title, but I quickly knew it was written by David Mamet because nobody else hears and writes dialogue the way he does. Read More >>>


"Do you wanna gossip or do you wanna shoot somebody?"

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