• 1992,
  • Warner Bros.,
  • Dir. Cameron Crowe

  • Starring:
  • Bridget Fonda,
  • Campbell Scott,
  • Kyra Sedgwick,
  • Matt Dillon,
  • Bill Pullman


Romantic comedy about six of Seattle's young people, most of whom live in the same apartment building and whose lives revolve around the city's ever-expanding music scene. The inter-related stories about each character's progress through the singles scene are intriguing and often very funny, and the soundtrack is a grunge fanatic's dream, with the likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney.


Chicago Sun Times

`Singles" tells the story of a loosely knit band of friends and neighbors who live in an apartment building in Seattle, and dream of love. They are all in their 20s, and reasonably attractive, and not particularly desperate, but they share a plight every one can identify with: The difficulty of finding a match between someone you like, and someone who likes you. Read More >>>

The New York Times

"Does everybody go through this?" asks a voice heard at the end of "Singles," Cameron Crowe's buoyant, utterly charming look at a small sample of Seattle's young, unmarried population. "Nah," comes the answer. "I think just us." Read More >>>


"That's a very nice hat you're wearing... and I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way. "

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