Melvin & Howard

  • 1980,
  • Universal,
  • Dir. Jonathan Demme

  • Starring:
  • Jason Robards,
  • Paul Le Mat,
  • Mary Steenburgen,
  • Michael J. Pollard


This movie tells the possibly true story of Melvin Dummar. Melvin is a nice guy, but he is a total loser: unlucky, impractical and can't keep a job. One night, however, he helps an old man who has had a motorcycle accident in the desert. Melvin laughs when the old man says he is Howard Hughes, the eccentric multimillionaire. But when Howard Hughes dies, Melvin is mailed a will leaving him part of the estate!


The New York Times

It would be difficult to a imagine a better way to begin the 18th New York Film Festival than with the showing tonight of Jonathan Demme's sharp, engaging, very funny, anxious comedy, ''Melvin and Howard,'' a satiric expression of the American Dream in the closing years of the 20th century, as old debts are being called in and life has become a series of repossessions. Read More >>>


"I'm Howard Hughes."

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