Car Wash

  • 1976,
  • Universal,
  • Dir. Michael Schultz

  • Starring:
  • Richard Pryor,
  • George Carlin,
  • Franklin Ajaye,
  • Bill Duke,
  • Antonio Fargas


Director Michael Schultz's hilarious day-in-the-life tale set in modern day Los Angeles. At Sully Boyar's car wash, a juvenile, motley crew of city dwellers "work their fingers to the bone" waiting on the eccentric and sometimes haughty clientele. Throughout the day, the young men find time to indulge in personal pursuits: one fellow fantasizes about the pretty waitress working at a local restaurant, a militant preaches politics, while more disgruntled workers find a way to justify their laziness. As the day wears on, the many levels of oppression that control each individual's lives gradually become apparent. Luckily, Schultz and screenwriter Joel Schumacher don't dwell on the potentially depressing aspects of their subject matter; proving that sometimes laughter is the best medicine, they stuff their film with enough verbal, visual, and situational humor to keep the audience laughing throughout.


"I'm more man than you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get!"

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